At Strike Zone Alleys we have many different bowling leagues including traditional bowling leagues, different scoring methods like 9 Pin Tap (9 or more on your 1st Ball counts as a strike), different premiums (some leagues have cash prizes, some have bowling balls and others offer premiums) Check out our lineup, offerings and variety of fun now forming!!

Adult Leagues

The Rum Bucket League

  • For non-serious bowlers only
  • 4 bowlers per team (any combination)
  • Only 16 weeks of bowling every other week
  • $20 per bowler per session
  • What's included:
    • 3 games of bowling & free shoe rental
    • Large pizza
    • A platter of boneless wings
    • Two (60oz) pitchers of beer or two pitchers of margaritas or four (32oz) rum buckets or a round of selected mixed drinks
  • When:
    • Pick the night that works best for you:
      • Tuesday nights at 6:30pm (October 26th)