FIeld Trips

We host many school field trips each year at Strike Zone Alleys. Kids love our bowling packages. If you are looking for a great field trip idea for your school, look no further than Strike Zone Alleys!

Daycares, summer camps, bible schools and many others love having their group outings with us. We have plenty of lightweight bowling balls, small bowling shoes, and bumpers for all of the kids.


Spare Package

1.5 hours of bowling & rental shoes.

$9.00 per person ($13 per person with transportation*)

Strike Package

2 hours of bowling & rental shoes

$11.00 per person ($15 per person with transportation*)

Second: Choose Any Add Ons!


Slice of pizza or hotdog, chips, & 20oz drink - $4 per person

Cookie or bag of chips & 20oz drink - $2.50 per person

Arcade Cards

Arcade cards are also available for purchase at however much money you want on the card.


*Transportation rules: Must have at least 15 people & a max of 60 people. Range limit of 15 miles or less from your location to our center

Available Monday - Friday (Open - 4pm). One week advance reservations required. Reservations will be based on lane availability. Light weight balls available for kids. Bumpers for children 11 & under. Dragon ramps for children 4 & under. Fun kid themed interacting scoring system.